‘The Mushroom House’

McCord Landscape Architecture (MLA) collaborated with the project architect, James Johnson, for the first addition to this unusual residence listed on the National Register of Historic Places since the structure was first erected in 1970. The addition consisted of an underground art studio and living space. MLA designed rooftop landscaping that highlighted the numerous ‘spine-like’ features of the structures roof. MLA utilized large limestone boulders in the creation of the walls and a waterfall feature flowing below the mushroom pods and to a small pond on the property. Other important components of the project include a stone stairway, rear patio at the addition, site lighting, and plantings of native plantings that created a smooth transition to the surrounding wooded landscape. stairways, rear patio, and walkways, site lighting, and plantings of native and ornamental shrubs, perennials, and grasses.

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