St. Ann’s Home of Greater Rochester

• Concept design through construction documents and services for this 7,500 SF garden adjacent to an elderly day care facility. The garden is intended for users in the early stages of dementia.
• Design includes a ‘loop walk’ with railing, and cushioned, rubberized surface to guard against injurious falls.
• Design includes brightly colored flowering shrubs and perennials and other sensory stimuli such as wind chimes and bird feeders.
• An attractive wood-framed gazebo and several trees provide shade protection for garden users when desired.
• Perimeter fencing is attractive ornamental aluminum picket known for its durability and strength.
• A water feature with ponding at chair-height allows garden users the ability to touch and splash in the water without having to get up out of a wheel chair.
• One large and three small planters, all at chair-height provide the elderly with a way to plant and work in the soil without having to move from their wheel chair.
• For more mobile attendees, a series of level, landscaped, looped walkways is provided with wood-steel benches and a gazebo for shade. A putting green is provided with seating under a pergola.

Services Provided:

Site Analysis, Schematic / Concept Design, Master Planning, Construction Documents, Construction Administration


Location: Rochester, NY

Project Completed: 2005

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