Monroe County Crime Lab Rain Garden

• The rain garden is an important part of a project that has achieved LEED Platinum certification. The Stormwater Management Plan results in an 82% decrease (rate and quantity) in runoff from calculated pre-project conditions. Other features that contributed include a poured concrete porous pavement system, a gray water re-use system, and a rainwater harvesting system.
• The rain garden can be watered during dry spells using spigots connected to the rainwater harvesting system.
• The rain garden is designed to filter stormwater flow from a portion of the 11,550 SF roof area and 3,000 SF sidewalk surface area. The rain garden and grassy areas also assist in reducing impacts of impervious cover by augmenting the recharge of groundwater through infiltration, providing some pollutant uptake in underlying soils.
• Plantings consist of a variety of wet-tolerant and aesthetically pleasing species, both evergreen and deciduous and both woody and herbaceous.
• The rain garden, adjacent to the main entrance and public sidewalks are a part of an educational exhibit that includes display cabinets located in the rain garden.

Services Provided:

Schematic / Concept Design, Master Planning, Green Infrastructure, Construction Documents, Construction Administration


Location: Rochester, NY

Client: Monroe County Crime Lab

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