Lehigh Valley Linear Trail

• Fifteen miles long Multi-use trail connecting the Genesee Valley Greenway Trail (to west) and the Green Line Trail (to east).
• Developed an understanding of the trail conditions and issues requiring special treatment.
• Developed an implementation plan with recommendations and alternatives for rehabilitating bridges, resurfacing the trail, and providing additional features.
• Estimated construction cost: $1.1 million.
• Trail features designed include:
-New decking and railings on bridges (6).
-Resurfacing of trail with improved base.
-Recycled asphalt pavement millings for new surface.
-New parking lots (6).
-Standardized multi-use and equestrian trail widths.
-Road crossings and signage.
-Trail access control features including boulders, bollards, guiderails, and gates.

Services Provided:

Site Analysis, Schematic / Concept Design, Master Planning, Construction Documents, Cost Estimates


Location: Towns of Rush & Mendon

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