Irondequoit Bay Park West-Nature Based Shoreline Restoration and Construction

 The shoreline and adjacent roadway (Bay Front S) in Irondequoit Bay Park West sustained damages from the high water and flooding events of 2017 predominantly due to shoreline erosion and settling along the road. 

For the project, MLA designed: 

  • Long term shoreline stability, while minimizing the amount of hardened structures proposed. 
  • A fishing access area component was incorporated and enhanced as part of the final design for this project. 
  • Stacked boulder fishing platforms that also serve as wave attenuators. 
  • Shallow ‘fingers’ and deeper channels to allow a greater variety of plant life and habitat for fish and invertebrates. 
  • Incorporated a variety of perennial and woody plant life wetland species and wet-tolerant species. 
  • Employed turbidity curtains to prevent siltation of the bay beyond the bounds of the project area. 
  • Employed coir coconut fiber logs at soft edges to prevent wave erosion as vegetation is established. 
  • To protect newly planted wetland and shore vegetation species, we employed a specially designed ‘carp fence’ and goose fencing. 
  • To further protect shore erosion, we added a series of logs cabled to the bottom and shore. 
  • A fishing access area was constructed that allows for parking of 5 vehicles, has timber guide rails to prevent vehicles from getting too close to the shore, provides raised points, above the mean high water level, constructed with boulders from which fishing can be done. 

Services Provided:

Schematic / Concept Design
Construction Documents
Construction Administration


Location: Rochester, NY

Client: Monroe County Soil & Water Conservation Service

Project to be completed Spring 2020.

Project Budget: $200,000. Funded by New York State & Monroe County.

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