Irondequoit Bay Marine Park and Secret Cove Park

  • Designed walkways, handicapped access to existing jetty, benches and other site amenities.
  • Provided parking for 42 cars and 72 car/trailer vehicles for an existing boat launch.
  • Designs included new landscape treatments for a  19 acre property with frontage on Lake Ontario and Irondequoit Bay as part of a proposed bridge construction project.
  • Located and specified materials for new restroom, tenant and storage buildings.

Secret Cove Park

  • Parking for 32 vehicles with curbing, guide rails and sidewalks.
  • Prepared Master Plan for addition of playground, picnic shelters, gazebo, docking facilities for 30+ boats, information kiosk and interpretive signage.
  • Phase one landscaping and site development.
  • Parking for vehicles and trailers – overflow for boat launch area parking.

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